#SuperRugbyScout Season Player Scout Picks

Ok, so this is a little rushed, but we're going to run through the player positions and try to cover the Top Picks for Each Position, and rate them using our star system: - Top 5 points performer at the position - Top 10 points performer as the position We'll also cover some Bargain bucket picks … Continue reading #SuperRugbyScout Season Player Scout Picks

Week 1 Sportsdeck Fantasy Super Rugby Team

Week 1 Dream Team. (This is a team for this week only) Captaining Korobeite as the Sunwolves dont look good at all on paper, hopefully they surprise us all but I wont be holding my breath as almost all their best players have gone. #sadface Vice-Captain Laumape because he is the safest option with McKensie … Continue reading Week 1 Sportsdeck Fantasy Super Rugby Team

REPOST: Fox Fantasy Team Selection Strategy & Tips

There's something in here for every level of Fantasy manager, from the rookie to the expert. I'll start by stating the bloody obvious. To have any shot at being successful you need to get the maximum number of points for the $6M you've got to spend, and more specifically the 15 you put on the … Continue reading REPOST: Fox Fantasy Team Selection Strategy & Tips

Super Rugby Strength of Schedule 2020

For those new to this, please check out the historic thread explaining how it's put together etc - https://superrugbyscout.com/2019/01/27/super-rugby-strength-of-schedule-2019/ But the long and short of it is that we look at the historic ladder standings, in total points, and rank the teams along with a weighting for away and tour games to come up with … Continue reading Super Rugby Strength of Schedule 2020

#SuperRugby is back for 2020

Ok, so we're back up and running for 2020. Apologies for the long delay, but it's been a bit difficult to put much content together without any access to any platforms. As I'm sure a lot of your know, @RugbyMag are trying to get some funding - please take some time to donate: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/edwardrkerr/rugby-magazine-super-rugby-fantasy - … Continue reading #SuperRugby is back for 2020