Here’s a little about us:

All regulars in the top 100 performers in Fox fantasy super rugby, some more than others. Each triumphant in our own mini-league. However, one man (yours truly) is on a two year roll and looking for the hat-trick this year:

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Patrick “Feastjuice” Professor: Everything you need to win is all there in the stats. Watch the games, study the form, generally stuff your squad full of Kiwis / Hurricanes and you can’t fail to win. As a Brit you wonder what I know about rugby, but let’s see who breaks that international win streak record.


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Bosssman aka The Wildcard: The game rewards the best kind of rugby, running rugby! I find the new talent and stato Feastjuice copies my choices, for eg. Reece Hodge in his starting line-up in 2017, a cheap pick in 2016 that I discovered. A Stormer’s fan all the way. WP jou Lekka Ding!



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Mark the Mad Monk : Currently AWOL, so I’m writing his BIO for him and have given him his handle. Sometimes brilliant, other times downright bizarre, but ALWAYS controversial, and always with an opinion. (usually on how SA rugby is doing down the toilet)

(All photos represent a true 100% likeness to our actual selves)

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