SportsDeck Strategy 101 (vs FOX)

Right, so given sports deck have given us about 3 days to pump out content and analyse all the players, we’re going to give you the quick fire strategy 101 and a couple of points vs Fox, for those used to playing Fox.


  • Squad Mgmt is essential: Bye weeks, injuries and club rotation are the bane of every fantasy managers week. You get 3 transfers each week, which seems a lot, but believe me it isn’t. You need to make sure at least 50% of your squad, or hopefully 70% of the squad are going to be season long keepers (baring injury). You only really want to be playing matchups and form and rotating a small number of players.
  • Form & Fixtures: The trend is your friend. Keep and eye on upcoming fixtures, check out strength of schedule and ride players form. Try not to pick players JUST for one week, although it is tempting everytime teams play the Sunwolves.
  • Player Value: Exactly the same as fox, a players price should be about 10x their average score. For example, if a player is averaging 20 pts a game, then their fair value price is $200k. Give that some consideration when both picking your line-up and with your transfers. Over the long term the price will trend to that ratio, so it’s better to be picking players averaging higher than their price.
  • Player Position: Premium positions are OBK / FH / CTR / BRW – in that order. These are positions where the top players will average 30+, 40+, 50+. The Budget position is hooker, where it’s very unlikely anyone will average more than 20 pts. Try to save as much money here as possible. The rest of the positions LOC / HOK / SCH are standard squad positions. The best players should be averaging somewhere in the 20s. There’s one BIG different from FOX you might have picked up. Hooker is nowhere near as high scoring as in other formats in this league because of the scoring, so don’t get sucked into throwing money away. Prop is similar, the scoring is relatively lower compared to other formats and fox.
  • Kickers: Are like gold-dust, because everyone can score points from kicks. That means you obviously need a FH that can kick, but if you can pick up centres that kick, or OBK like Jordie who might be kicking they are worth their weight in gold, because if they’re half decent that should add another 10+ a week to a players score and make them much less risky.
  • Captain & Sub Hack: Probably the most controversial “tactic” around. Given that rolling lock-out, it is possible to change both you transfers, and your captain / vice captain, if they haven’t yet played. What this means is two things
  • 1) you can keep early game players on the bench, potential wildcard picks, and if you’ve got enough transfers and they have a MONSTER game, you can transfer out one of your starters for someone on a bye, to bank the big points. This can be risky, because you can end up having to transfer in players you wouldn’t normally pick, but gives you a free spin on some big points.
  • 2) similarly, if you set your vice captain to be someone starting in one of the early games, for instance this week it’s the Blues vs Chiefs and they play out of their boots – typically this would be vc McKenzie if he wasn’t injured this week – then you can change your captain to be someone either on a bye during the week, or injured / not starting, and you can bank the vice captain double points. This is safe as houses if you captain someone on a bye, but a little risky if you captain someone who shouldn’t be playing. One year I tried this, wanted to bank my VC points and captained a stormers squad player who was nowhere near the matchday squad. Pre-game a couple of players got injured, this guy got onto the bench, CAME ON FOR 1 MINUTE, MISSED A TACKLE AND MY CPT GOT A BIG FAT ZERO !!!! As you can tell I’m totally over that ……. maybe you call it karma.
  • You may not like either of the above, but frankly it’s kind of standard.
  • All of the above said, we’ve only played SportsDeck for one year, so there’s still a few kinks we’re probably working out, so if you’ve got any intel please share it and we’ll share with the masses – good luck
Pretty sure this is a photo of Akira learning he wasn’t even in the matchday squad for the first game of the new season ….

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