Super Rugby Strength of Schedule 2020

For those new to this, please check out the historic thread explaining how it’s put together etc –

But the long and short of it is that we look at the historic ladder standings, in total points, and rank the teams along with a weighting for away and tour games to come up with a heat map of game difficulty. You basically know this, but it just helps pick out the runs of potentially “easy” or difficult patches of games to help steer your transfers.

So, without further ado, this is what we have this year:

As ever because the Kiwi teams perform well, their schedules are harder versus the Aussie teams, as it’s generally the weakest conference, and contains the Sunwolves. However, there’s a couple of things that jump out this year:

The CRUSADERS, have joint 3rd easiest schedule. If you weren’t already maxing out in Crusaders, then frankly why are you here and have you ever watched super rugby recently …… but anyway, if you weren’t, you definitely should. There is NO limit on players per team, so probably the only reason you wouldn’t pick the entire ‘saders team is lack of budget ….. well, maybe a couple of other reason.

The other think that pops out, similar to last season, is that the Brumbies have the easiest schedule. By a long way. IF they can get their shit together, there could be plenty of players to watch there. They also have a nice start to the season with 3 straight home games, so worth a couple of bench flyers on some of those young guns.

For completeness, we’ve also included a colour coded home / away / touring image below. Jags also start with 3 straight home games, and the Crusaders don’t tour until week 7.

As ever we’ll update this as the season goes on, but only after every team has played 3 teams.

Good luck with that starting line-up.

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