#SuperRugby is back for 2020

Ok, so we’re back up and running for 2020. Apologies for the long delay, but it’s been a bit difficult to put much content together without any access to any platforms. As I’m sure a lot of your know, @RugbyMag are trying to get some funding – please take some time to donate: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/edwardrkerr/rugby-magazine-super-rugby-fantasy – so without our preferred platform from last year we’ve been waiting for @SportsDeckAU to launch……

Image result for waiting gif

….And this week it FINALLY launched. Basically it’s Fox Fantasy all over again, without quite as many bells and whistles. We’ve started a GROUP, which is basically the only way to get more than a few people in a league. Details are on the homepage, and sidebar, so get yourself involved and pit yourself against the best. Last year your authors finished 2nd and 6th in overall points, but we expect more competition this year.

In case your on the phone and can’t see the side bar, details are here:

This year we’re on SportsDeck. Click on the link below to join our group:

#SuperRugbyScout League

Failing that further URL below, or instructions:

Select GROUPS on your Leagues screen, then clicking on “CREATE/JOIN ANOTHER GROUP” and entering the below code: GROUP CODE: 295932

Given the format is very similar to fox, we’ll re-post some of the strategy guides, with some updates over the next 48 hours, as well as our weekly picks.

Happy hunting.

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