Fantasy Super Rugby Week 10: Don’t Touch, Pause, Engage.


I got bored writing this several weeks ago, but another week and byes and rests are screwing with fantasy managers again. Just when you think you’ve got yourself covered with the Crusaders, Bulls and Jags all off, Hurricanes are resting, players are picking up niggles and sitting out, and God only knows what the Sunwolves are doing, not playing Little but picking a backrow to start at inside centre.

As ever, keep your eyes on the casualty ward and on the #casualtyward hashtag on twitter for the lastest.

Teams on a BYE: Bulls, Crusaders, Jags.

Teams with Tough Match-ups: Sunwolves, Reds, Tahs

Teams with Easy Match-ups: Sharks, Hurricanes, Blues, Stormers

General Transfer and Squad advice:

It’s not a disaster if you can’t fill your bench. At a cost of 20 points per transfer out, the dude on your bench will need to score 40 points …. and how often does that happen. So don’t use transfers for the sake of using transfers, if you’ve got a good 15 out, and a sketchy bench, that’s ok. Focus on that starting 15, captain, and making sure you’re ok for the net couple of weeks.

You only get a 20 point penalty for dropping someone. So what, well, if you drop an expensive player around $400k for instance, and you have some money in the bank, then you might be able to bring in 3 players, but it won’t cost you any points. This has some longer term implications in trying to get expensive players back in, but is a great way of improving your squad.

Image result for damian mckenzie injury

Not much to say here, but unfortunately DmcK is done for the season and will miss the world cup. Ship him out.


Image result for folau bible

There’s still 22% of managers sitting on Folau. There’s not coming back from this, get rid of him and re-invest that money wisely.


Image result for super rugby squad

On a serious note, the players I’d recommend are below, but try to focus on building out your squad to at least 30+, ideally 32. I’ve covered them in priority by position.

As ever, I’ll try to cover those players that aren’t already 30% owned.

FLY HALFPersonally I was trying to find a way to get Beauden in this week. Great match-up and the Hurricanes have a decent run of games and no more byes. However, they’ve screwed that up with their resting. Also, with Beauden at $551k he’s insanely expensive which is why he’s only 23% owned. The two I prefer are:

Curwin Bosch. On fire right now, and seems to have nailed down the starting FB spot. I’m a little concerned about the Sharks fixtures, as he won’t be nearly as good away from home. But at $195k even if he only gets half the points he’s got the last couple of games he’s going to be solid.

Josh Ioane. With Banks injured for a few weeks Josh is back in the saddle. He should be good for kicking points. Highlanders have a decent run of games and no byes, AND he’s only $159k. Covering FH and FB is pretty useful considering the players we’ve lost in those positions.

You can obviously take one or the other of the above, of even both if you need to.

CENTRE/WING – Lam / Goosen. Lam has been pretty average this year, simply because he’s not had much call. There’s a real chance he goes off here, and he’s bang on 30% owned, and I expect that to rise this week. Goosen has actually been better than Lam in terms of points vs minutes played. Cheaper option than Lam at $169k. Take either or both of these if you can. Both can cover centre and wing. The other guy I like it Moeakiola. With DMck gone, this guy seems to have the 11 shirt. Huge, powerful runner, which is exactly what you want for fantasy. the Chiefs have a decent run of games, and if it were me I’d be giving this guy as much game-time as possible. He’s more risky than the hurricanes pair, but $140k is almost too cheap not to gamble

HOOKER Fainga’a. This position is a shit show this week. With the Brumbies yet to name their team, assuming Fainga’a starts, then 2 of the highest owned 9 hookers are available this week:

What a complete shower of ****. What this means is that even if you wanted to sub a hooker in, unless your picking Fainga’a most likely they won’t be starting this week. Personally I’m going to start Marx and hope he gets respectable points coming on from the bench. Then for my bench in RM, I’m not playing a hooker again, for about the 3 game running. I just don’t think the additional -20 hit you’ll take, to bring in someome you probably don’t want, is worth it. Fainga’a is obviously the guy if you do want to make a change.

Outside of those key positions, there’s a few names that I’m trying to work in still:

Frizzell – he’s a beast, Highlanders have a good run of games, and he’s still only $197k. I’m not worried about a quiet week last week.

Kwagga Smith is also back. Fantasy points machine, but I’m 50:50 on how that Chiefs vs Lions game will go. Then the Lions have the Crusaders before going on a bye, so I’m maybe sitting on this one for a week or two.

Obviously avoid bringing in players that are on a bye next week – Reds, Rebels, Blues. So players like Nanai and McDermott, hold your fire.

Other players like Snyman look like they are a must add, but I don’t need to tell you not to bring in players on a bye either.

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