Fantasy Super Rugby Wrap – @TheRugbyMag Week 6

Week 6 Dream Team

Week 6 Top ScorerMalcolm Marx 67 pts – 53% owned and most captained on the week. (I’m one of those stupid owners who has the guy, but hasn’t captained him the last 2 weeks …. #fail)

Wow, what a weekend of Super Rugby. One that proves what fine margins separate some of these teams. Not a great weekend for us gamblers, with streaks blown up left right and centre, and pretty much no result going to forecast, but plenty of points for Fantasy Managers. What did we learn:

  1. Quality Shines Through For long suffering managers of Reiko, Brodie, Mckenzie, Du Toit, even Rob Du Preez and George Bridge, they have seen the rewards recently. It’s been painful, and probably cost you/us points, but once these guys get going they can be points machines. Those that kept the faith well done. Those of us that have either transferred out, or benched them are kicking ourselves.
  2. Always captain Marx. Seems like Swys de Bruin thinks Marx should be on the field for every minute of every game. I was a little wary this week as Robbie Coetzee was back on the bench and thought Marx would surely get some timeout. Clearly not.
  3. Is it too early to call Tupou a bust this year ? The Tongan Thor is the 5th highest owned player. He’s also the most penalized and has had one good game, one ok game, and otherwise been anonymous. I guess, as per 1 we should keep the faith ….. but for how long ?
  4. The Chiefs seem to be coming good and back to doing Chief things. Which was bad news for a Bulls side that looked completely out of sorts, but good news for fantasy points, as the Chiefs are mana from fantasy heaven when they get going. Now, if they could just stop making late adjustments to their side, maybe we can get on board with some of their players.
  5. Hurricanes continue to enthral and frustrate. Showering points across the team, but with a different spread each week. This week Jordie, Mitchell and Goosen had great week. Beauden seems to be consistently putting in the 30+ score weeks, but he’s now $515k …. ouch. The question remains #whydonttheypasstolam ? Is Goosen this year’s Lam ?
  6. Stormers should just field 15 forwards. To a man they had great games, with some fantasy gems in there as they mauled and tackled their way into oblivion – great for fantasy points. However, 10 to 15 might as well not have shown up. SP Marais on the wing is an embarrassment, and when you look at how anaemic they are out wide you struggle to see why Willemse isn’t getting more than a cameo.
  7. Pollard and Kriel are about the only positive thing you can salvage from that Bulls performance. I still like the Bulls run of games, but their inability to deal with the chiefs is a concern for the fantasy prospects of the rest of those players.
  8. Sharks are reliable at home, their fantasy names having a good outing.
  9. Waratahs forwards might be worth another look, they seem to be getting their sh*t together. Folau is a banker at 15.
  10. Reds and Brumbies …. what to say. Poor game, Brumbies gone missing. Are the Reds actually good, like we thought after their first game, or is it just the Australian conference standard is so low …. I’m tempted to think this is more a case of the Brumbies being total kak. I didn’t like many / any Brumbies pre-season, I like them even less now.
  11. Always and I mean always check the starting line-ups.

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