Fantasy Super Rugby @TheRugbyMag – Everything you need to know

Right, so if you’ve been following the blog you’ll know we (I’m still using we even though my co-author is a lazy arse and hasn’t written anything yet) have written a series of posts covering squad strategy and positional reviews. With kick-off only 2 DAYS AWAY, we’ve put all the links to everything in this post, so you’ve only got one place to be. I’m also then going to summarise the key points and remind you what’s most important as we all eagerly eye the starting line-ups that are getting released:

Game basics, team scoring and positional overview

Squad size and transfer strategy

Positional Reviews:


And now, for those of us who are a little lazy to read the detail and want the punchline, here’s the key things to remember:

Lock, WG, FB are marginally the money positions, but positional scoring is relatively even, with the exception of prop, hooker, SH which are lower value positions.

You only get one free transfer a week, additional transfers cost you 20 points, so you need to have a well balanced squad – preferably 29 to 30+ players – with players that can play multiple positions being more valuable than those that can only play one.

The ideal are players who are starting at Lock for their teams, but can play flanker, N8 or even prop. This is because locks get 4x the number of run metre points compared to if they were starting at back row.

You should be paying roughly 10x a players points per game, with the high benchmark in scoring being about 30 points per game. So players over $300k REALLY have to be worth it as there are plenty of bargains around and below $200k.

As ever at this time of year CHECK THE TEAM SHEETS AND LINEUPS. This is the fun time where we see if our pre-season picks are getting some starting time. BUT, you need to be particularly careful with the @TheRugbyMag format due to the limited transfers. What do I mean:

Well, if you’re looking at the first team sheets thinking where the f*ck is Kwagga, or why the hell isn’t Dmck starting for the chiefs, don’t panic, or knee jerk take the guys out of your side. If you’ve picked them on a season long view and they might miss one to two games, keep them in, that’s why you have a squad of 30+

However, make sure you keep a track on injuries, and if for instance you’ve got Lousi, who’s torn his pectoral muscle and will probably miss all of Super Rugby, clearly take them out and find another player.

Outside of that we’ll be posting our starting squads in the next 36 hours, but if you can’t be good then we hope you’re at least lucky, and I’ll sign like I did 3 years ago with this small piece of inspiration (apologies to any female followers, but if you can find a similar picture with say, I dunno Chris Pratt who is my man crush please forward on and I’ll make sure I’m equal opportunities going forward).

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