Fantasy Super Rugby – Does Size Matter?

Well, does it ?

Right, so for all those that have come across from Fox to @TheRugbyMag there’s obviously some differences in format, but two keys ones:

  1. You have a squad of at least 28, of which 23 players score you points
  2. You only have one free transfer a week, anymore cost you points.

Now the tantalising question for fantasy managers is how and where do I find the right balance in my squad. If I pick the BEST 28 players I can squeeze into a squad, is that going to stuff me on transfers ? If I pick a squad of 30+, will that handicap me because I’ll miss out on too many top players?

Fear not, we have the answers …… well, kind of. The kind guys @TheRugbyMag have given us some stats from last season. Take a look:

So, last year there were something like 2k+ players. The above tells us some interesting things

Image result for crusaders rugby squad

Squad Size

Generally, the better players from last year had slightly larger squads. This kind of stands to reason, as you’ve got more game-week match-up options, and you’re not going to be as impacted by 3 team bye weeks and injuries and suspensions. However, for all of those still trying to pick your team getting a GOOD squad with 29 or 30 players is quite a challenge, you have to make a call on ignoring some big names

Image result for transfer

Transfer Numbers

This ones really interesting as well. So finishers outside of the Top 1000 simply made too many transfers. More than likely the team they picked to start with wasn’t put together based on the latest line-ups and they had to make some knee-jerk adjustments. What’s more interesting though is from the Top 1k to Top 100 to Top 10, the number of transfers increased. You need to remember that you got 19 free transfers last season, so actually, plenty of managers managed without having to make even their free one a week. But the most successful managers were having to make slight tweaks to their squad as the season went on – either to patch holes, or maximise a match-up, generally making another 10 transfers across the season, or one every other week.

So I think there’s two key message here:. Don’t be afraid to take that 20 point additional transfer hit, but use extra transfers sparingly. Try to reduce the need by having a squad of 29 to 30 players from the start.

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