Rugby Magazine Positional Preview – Fly Half

So there’s plenty of 10 jersery’s up for grabs this year, with some big names in the fantasy world – Sanchez, Sopoanga – moving on. Very much a position where you should be nailing 30 pts a week. Let’s look at how last year’s points fell:

Again, like so many positions, this is another one where cost seems to have little correlation to performance. BUT it is a position where there is plenty of value to be had. These are the fun positions to pick:


Image result for damian mckenzie chiefs

DMck – THE Fantasy God for the last 2 to 3 years. I personally don’t like him playing at 10 – I mean why take the worlds most dangerous broken field runner and put him at 10 – BUT, even at 10 he still racks up the points, helped by the chiefs open style of play and his wheels. Kicks as well. Love it. Averaged 35.8 last year – joint highest with Marx – so bang on value considering his $352k price tag.

Richie – this guy was on fire as soon as he came back from injury last year and I think he’s actually the ABs best 10. Anyway, leads the attack of the most dominant side in super rugby, kicks for posts, averaged 34.7 last year, and is a steal at $299k. I think you pick both DcMK and Richie as they can both cover FH and FB and have some fun with playing both of them.


Willemse – most likely to start at 10 for the Stormers before moving back to 15, where he prefers to play and where the Boks would like him to play. Ridiculous stepper, which is why he was 4th in defenders beaten, he gobbled up points last year. One of the most exciting young South African players and he will only cost you $147k …… I mean ridiculous. Snap him up. Maybe bench him to start with, but as soon as he’s starting at FB that’s going to make for some interesting games.

Robert Du Preez – Another South African steal. I’m a little cautious of whether the Sharks will repeat their strong season from last year, but Du Preez kicked for posts more than anyone else last season – 33 penalties and 43 conversations. Whilst I don’t think he’ll match his 29 ppg average from last season, even if he’s only getting something like 25 he’s still good value at $235k. He can also cover FH, CE and FB so come great flexibility for the bench.

Jordie Barrett – speaking about flexibility, Jordie can cover the whole back line – FH, CE, WG, FB. Whilst he was a little down last year, only averaging 23.6 points per game, I expect him to be a little better than that this year, and for $226k is a great option to help you across the bench and make sure you don’t have to make any unnecessary transfers that costs you points.

Hayden Parker – absolutely on fire to finish last year. Only $157k, so if you need a cheap back-up, he could slot in nicely, get a few points off the bench, but let’s face if you’re probably going no where near him unless you’re very stretched and the Sunwolves are playing at home.

The other couple of players to keep an eye on are Curwin Bosch and Jack Debreczeni. Both listed at FH and FB, and can run hot and cold. However, if they are going to get some time at FB for the Sharks and Chiefs then could be worth a punt given they’re only $165k and $157k.


Otere Black – Lets face it, the Blues have struggled at 10 for a number of years, and now he’s back from injury he’s favourite to get the first few shots at leading what is always an exciting looking backline for the Blues, but which doesn’t always get great go forward ball. Given the Blues usually have to play attacking, come from behind rugby, there’s potential for
Black to be a nice mid 20s kind of performer with the odd break-out performance, not too dissimilar to Perofeta who had a great year last year.


So this is like a who’s who of world Rugby. It’s a list full of QUALITY players, but players that are just simply too expensive for the points you’re going to get from them.

Beauden – most expensive player in the game at $490k. Missing the first couple as he’s on his honeymoon, will miss a couple more due to ABs, and didn’t even break 30 points per game last year. All be last year was a slightly lower scoring year for him, but to justify his price he’d have to be putting up 50 pts a week, and simply no one does that.

Handre Pollard – now I like the Bulls this year, and I like that Pollard can play centre, FH and he’ll likely be kicking. $321k isn’t too bad, and I think of anyone on this list, Pollard is the closest to being up in that premium bracket. However, you can get Mo’unga for less money, so I think you only pick pollard if you’re wanting help at centre as well as FH cover.

Foley – great player, but much more expensive than Richie, and nearly as much as DMck, for much less point opportunity. Again, there is some upside as I don’t think he’s been at his best recently, but there’s plenty of other interesting options that are going to get you mid to high 20s this year without you having to spend $337k

Beale – can cover FH, FB and CE, but at $334k, I pick DMck or Richie over him for the FH/FB combo, or Pollard over him for the CE coverage. Great player, would have to be Top 10 highest scoring player to justify his price.

Quade Cooper – I mean $352k for someone who even at his height was a gamble. Could do some great things for the Rebels, but why are you picking him over DMck and Richie ? I hope he proves a lot of people wrong, but again, to justify his price he’d have to be a Top 10 player overall across the year – can’t see it.

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