SuperRugbyScout Fantasy League Awards


First up, huge thanks to everyone who took part in the #superrugbyscout league this year. It was by far an away the biggest league on Fox

Massive congrats again to Dustin Emslie @emsliedustin for topping the table and snatching away first place right at the death. Finishing 8th in the global rankings is no mean feat either. The first time he topped our table was the last gameweek … can’t peak any better than that.

Here’s the finishing table:

Top10 Final.PNG

Your author’s had a mixed season:

“The Wildcard” takes the honours and the cash prize in our league for his 14th place finish in what was a solid season:


I flirted with the top 10 halfway through the season, dropped a lung halfway through the season the struggled to keep pace finishing a lowly 42nd and out of the global Top 500.


Some honourable mentions:

Chris Burt, Omar Franini, Andrew Howitt, Michael Etchells, Jim Lollback, Chad Goh, Lachlan Freemantle, Josh McD all toppped the league at various points.

Chris Burt twice, Michael Etchells four times, but Lachlan Freemantle takes this years bad luck award, topping it six times, but just falling short.

High score award goes to Josh McD for his 958 points – feel free to correct me anyone, but that’s the highest I’ve seen in a gameweek in our league.

Other than that well done everyone that took part. Next year we might look at having some weekly and season long prize if we can get another good turnout and people are willing to through in a few bucks.

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