Week 13 Fantasy Round-up


TOP SCORER – Luck Whitelock 84 points


  1. Damien Fitzpatrick yet another hooker went off after a few minutes this week, this time for 8 points though.
  2. POOREST PERFORMER –Nick Phipps -8, shocking.

What has round 13 taught us:

  1. The Highlanders responded well to their hammering by the sharks in week 12 by beating the Lions 39-27. 3 players made the Team of the week, well played! Just a pity I benched Naholo and Sopoanga…
  2. Damien McKensie struggled this past weekend but I know he’ll bounce back soon so I’m not too worried about him at all.
  3. Jean-Luc du Plessis was teams best performer with 78, even if he didn’t score that  try he would have made 50 points. An unstoppable force at the peak of his game.
  4. I wish I’d just swopped Marx for Coetzee at hooker. The Lions love to use the maul to push over for a try and he made 78 points, gutted to not have him!
  5. C. Miller from the Sunwolves has had the lowest score in a week twice this year and now finds himself in the team of the week, talk about from zero to hero, well played.
  6. Always and I mean always check the starting line-ups. https://www.sport24.co.za/Rugby/SuperRugby/super-rugby-weekend-teams-20180116-2
  7. The Sunwolves were great this past weekend. I enjoy their game against the Reds so much and they smashed them in both halves. They face my team this weekend so I’ll be less keen on them but its hard not to like the way the play the game. They give everything they have on the pitch. We never did see the Tongan Thor collide with the Tongan Godzilla, Godzilla did scored 3 tries though, so I’d have to say that he won this round!

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