Week 10 Fantasy Round-up


TOP SCORER – S. Frizell


  1. McKensie made 31 points but he’s an unlucky pic as he would have killed it this past weekend had he not failed the concussion test.
  2. POOREST PERFORMER –Jeff Thwaites with -9 in 10 minutes of play, doubt many had him.

What has round 10 taught us:

  1. Mafi is a real safe bet as your VC or captain this season.
  2. Damien McKensie can score 31 points in a quarter of a match, he’s the ultimate must have OBK, if he starts.
  3. Frizell scored and hat-trick which earns him a spot on the watch-list.
  4. Naholo did loads in the game so I am not sure how he only made 21 points… Who recorded those stats???
  5. Kerevi was amazing in a poor performance by the Reds against the Chiefs this past weekend and missed the top scorer of the week by only 2 points.
  6. Always and I mean always check the starting line-ups. https://www.sport24.co.za/Rugby/SuperRugby/super-rugby-weekend-teams-20180116-2
  7. Jean-Luc Du Preez made 61 points in the backrow again, so consistant, if you dont have him, what are you wating for?
  8. Marx and the Lions destroyed the Tahs, I can’t believe how poorly the Tahs played. What has happened to them???
  9. Taqele Naiyaravoro is a player that needs to be played from the bench as he only made a 10th of his previous 2 weeks scores of around 90 points. Seriously 9 points, if you played him I feel for you!

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