Fantasy Super Rugby Week 7: Don’t Touch, Pause, Engage.


This week should be a bit less painful than last. Whilst there are three teams off, there’s less big stars from the Jags, Reds and Sunwolves. It’s all about getting some of the big guns back in as they come back from their byes

Teams on a BYE: Jags, Reds, Sunwolves

Teams with Tough Match-ups: Hurricanes, Crusaders

Teams with Easy Match-ups: Stormers

Injury Watch: check out the Fantasy XV Draft casualty ward.

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It’s all about the Blues and Waratahs. Coming back off their byes they’ll be fresh and they both got reasonable runs of games, including the whipping boys of super rugby, the Sunwolves.

Akira and Reiko if you can afford them. I like that Reiko will get more ball at 12, but I don’t like the fact he’ll have less space. He’s still quality. Moala is a nice, short term value option if you can’t afford two premium centres, and you need replacements for Kerevi, Dyanti. Perofeta starting is really interesting. He could do a Gatland and will be a good bench, sub pick who should pop up in value over the next few weeks. If you’re looking for a prop replacement, Manu is good value and has historically averaged ~20.

Folau is fantasy gold, so now is the week to be trading out someone like Naholo and subbing in Folau. I really don’t understand why he’s on the wing, and it hurt’s his value somewhat, but true premium OBKs are a little rare this year. Foley and Hooper, if you’ve had to take them out, get them in. Beale is now at a reasonable price, hasn’t quite hit it this year, but is another centre option for those needing cover with some huge upside.

There’s a few other shorter term, speculative options out there this week as well you could snap up based on form. Ardron for the chiefs was was awesome and a great cheap option at lock for $153k. Aso is clearly the best ‘canes outside centre, and if he’s won his starting spot back a steal at $179k. Meakes is another interesting short term centre option. All of these guys have some good price updside.

If you’re looking for a long term backrow option with Ardie out, Kwagga being a bit average, then Jean-Luc Du Preez had his usual game last week, notching up 40 points, and is a solid replacement.

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Reiko and Akira: Lets face it these guys are on fire and like Feast rightly said if you can afford them both I think there are no better buys this week. 

Folau closely behind them if you took him out to get McKensie or Naholo in last week.

Lastly Laumape or Aso as the Hurricanes are starting to show some form. I’ve missed out on LAumape so far and with Kerevi on a bye and Dyanti injured it’s really hard not to consider one of these 2 depending on your funds.

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I love Pocock, and at $300k he’s reasonably priced, but there’s a few things working against him a) Brumbies are generally poor b) breakdown laws have changed a lot and don’t favour him c) we don’t know if he’ll be at the back of driving mauls as he used to be. I’m sitting on my hands, and if I’m bringing in Brumbie backrow it’s Naisarani if I don’t have him already.

Other than that, out of the bye teams, I’m not precious about holding onto any of those players. In fact, for the Jags, see below.

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Kerevi  – The Point Machine, if you can keep him but he’s more of a sell I think as indicated below unless you are absolutely loaded!


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Dyanti – obvious right, but he’s had a good ride in value and is now out for a number of weeks. Perfect time to cash in when Kerevi’s on a bye, and ideally try to hold onto Kerevi.

Like last week, start looking at cycling out Highlanders and Rebels that you wouldn’t want to hold over the bye week. Guys like Maddocks and Uelese (who’ s starting on the bench so could quickly see a price drop off) for the Rebels (obviously hang onto Mafi), and Sopoanga, Smith, Thompson (hopefully you followed our advice last week on that one) for the Highlanders. Naholo I’m 50:50 on. Chiefs are a good match-up for him, but he’s pricey and might be the guy you trade out to get Folau in.

If you picked up some Jags over the last couple of weeks, great work. Matera, Boffelli and others have been great. But they’re on a bye, have a tough crusaders game afterwards and then are on tour again where they’re a different side. Cash in whilst you can.

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Dyanti – He’s made us all that had him form the start a boat load of cash. It’s time to take the profits this week. I will miss him!

Kerevi – Only because the centres are so pricey I cant see any other way of getting in decent centres.

Ardie Savea – He’s injured so that’s no surprise but honestly he’s not getting the points of previous years. I think you can find way better players at competitive prices.







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