Fantasy Super Rugby Week 4: Don’t Touch, Pause, Engage.


Week 3 was carnage for Fantasy managers with a host of top names not finishing the 80 – Naholo, Milner-Skudder, Dagg, Lambie, Tamanivalu, Sopoaga, and the list goes on. With the Chiefs and Hurricanes off next week, this weeks transfers are absolutely critical. Here’s Week 4’s Don’t Touch, Pause, Engage.

Don’t Touch (SELL) 

So usually we don’t touch on players that are injured or on byes because it’s teaching you how to suck eggs. However, this week, with so many injuries, 99% of fantasy managers are going to be scrambling to cover gaps and get 15 out, especially with only 3 transfers. If you’re in that 1%, keep quiet or I’ll come find you and kick you !

This dude’s done a good round-up of injuries so have a look there and keep an eye on the team sheets as they’re coming out.

The other general advice we’d give is to ditch Hurricanes and Chiefs. They are both on by next week, and if you’ve done what I’ve done you’ve realized one week out that you’ve got 10 of them in your squad !! Panic. Below are my suggestions on who to ditch if you have to:

Hurricanes – Coles ($450k) / A Savea ($456k) – given their performances and scores last week they’ll most likely drop in value unless that have a stonking game. Ardie’s playing at 8, which has some potential for points, so I’d look at dropping Coles to pick him up the other side of the bye. If you have Laumape and Aso I think you cash them in as well – see further below for why.

Chiefs – Elliot’s ($244k) had a great run and scored 2 in the first 3. He was quieter last week, and starting on the bench this week. I think he’s an easy transfer if you can, bank the money before he drops, and get in someone like Latu who’s been scoring consistently for the Tahs even without getting tries. I also think, contrary to my learned friend, Bossman, that you could cash in on Kerr-Barlow ($233k) as well. Let’s face it the chiefs will get points this week, and finding good scrum halfs can be hard, but Kerr-Barlow’s also had a good run and you can free up some cash for elsewhere by trading in someone like a Reinach ($117k) for the next few games.

Pause (HOLD)

Image result for wildcard1.Kerevi ($599k) – He had a solid week last week again of 60 points, he did   lose 40K in value but remains a banker in my eyes.

2.Kerr Barlow ($233k) – Looking sharp and a much easier fixture this  week, he could score some decent points. Beware the buy next week.

3. McKenzie ($489k) – He kicked last week, has now been moved to 10, so he’ll be  more involved too and I cant see The Rebels stopping The Chiefs.

Image result for professor x

1. McKenzie ($489k) – stating the obvious. Starting at 10 this week. Most popular captain choice this week. One to hold over the bye week.

2. Savea ($503k) over Laumape ($559k) over Aso ($429k). That’s the order in which I’m prioritizing my Hurricanes. Laumape was solid against the Chiefs, but didn’t make the breaks as they can actually tackle unlike the Rebels and Sunwolves. The Highlander’s midfield is solid, so I think Laumape is solid again, but you sell and take the money. Aso was starved of ball against the

3. Folau ($480k) – this will bite me, but I simply can’t bring Folau in this week, so I’m hoping he’s held in check by the Brumbies …… and I’m holding off bringing him in over some of the cheaper SA options over the next few gameweeks. (hoping …..)

Engage (BUY)

The “buys” have a very heavy SA flavour. If you’ve read our original Strength of Schedule Post, you’ll know that the Lions and Sharks had the two easiest schedules on paper before the season started. With the Bulls up against the Japanese whipping boys, er sorry, I mean Sunwolves, our picks for replacements are heavily weighted across these teams.

Image result for wildcard1.Rohan Janse van Rensburg ($508k) – An unstoppable machine and the Lions have a few easy fixtures at  home coming up.

2.Pollard ($218k) – The Bulls have had a bad start to the season and at  home they are hard to beat. They’ll be looking to punish whoever turns up for their first home game. Oyasumi  Sunwolves it’s going to hurt Big Time in my opinion.

3.Curwin Bosch ($164k) – The Sharks have played well away from home and Curwin scored 27 points. If you dont already have him buy him as he’s cheap and I expect him to retain the kicking duties.

Image result for professor x

1.  Kerevi ! ($599k) – if you don’t have him there’s not been a better time to get him in. Across the next 5 games he plays the Lions, Jags, Brumbies, Kings and Hurricanes. Some good sides, but with the exception of the canes sides that allow plenty of tries. Strike while the iron is hot. I’d expect him to fair well against the lions as well this week.

2. I’ll put the LIONS and SHARKS in the same bracket. Both have a good run of games and are playing well. We’ve already talked about Reinach as a SH option for a few weeks, and Bosch as a nice bye week replacement. The others players I’d highlight are Du Preez ($369k), (Van Der Valt if he was playing) and probably both centres, Am ($264k) and Esterhuizen ($333k). If I had to pick one, I’d bring in Du Preez ($369k). Great outing last week, good average points, and more of a banker this week.

3. BULLS – Pollard is a great pick as highlighted by Bossman, but if you’re looking for premium or cheap replacements look at Liebenerg ($306k) and Bothma ($112k). Bothma’s more risky if you need him for more than one week, but could yield good returns – I’ll roll the dice and go with Bothma to be better value for money this week.

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